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Tank Fest 2021... The Busiest Weekend of the Year!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Mid-September Mick and the Mrs travelled down to Bovington Tank Museum for Tank Fest 2021 (just a little 700 mile round trip from the North-East). Thankfully a couple of life-long

friends Olly and Annie lived locally and offered to help out for the weekend (huge thank you as we wouldn't have managed without them).

It was the busiest weekend of the year with lots of interest from ex-tank crew and tank enthusiasts of all ages - the compliments were mind-blowingly overwhelming! It was especially nice to meet up with some of Mick's old tank crew and REME veterans (from over 40 years ago)!

The festival generated lots of sales of giclée prints, with Mick practically running out of stock - especially his most recent piece 'Through the Mud'. Seven of Mick's original pieces of artwork also sold including the 6-foot 'Leoparden auf der Jagd' and the very popular 'Tiger 131'. The Tiger 131 artwork was originally produced ahead of the Tank Fest 2019, due to the Tiger tank being permanently displayed at Bovington.

A couple of young tank-enthusiasts were very impressed with Micks artwork, but often a 7-year-olds pocket money doesn't stretch that far. To encourage the children, Mick donated a prints (with very minor defects/mis-haps on them) to several very lucky kids.

The Royal Mail Special Edition Stamps were on sale in the Museum's gift shop, and Mick felt humbled by the number of requests for Signatures on the stamps (a moment of imposter syndrome)!

See you soon Tank Fest 2022!

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