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Royal Mail Special Stamp Collection

Mick is completely honoured that the Royal Mail have chosen to use his artwork in their latest Special Stamp Collection to honour British Army Vehicles. The Royal Mail describe the collection as Iconic British Military Transport Over the Decades.

"A stunning reproduction of an original acrylic painting by ex-soldier and military artist Mick Graham depicting the Chieftain Mk 5 in action. Mick was part of the 4th Royal Tank Regiment, serving 15 years, and was a Gunnery Instructor on a Chieftain before turning his hand to art."

Royal Mail, 2021

The official stamps are available to purchase via the Royal Mail from 2nd September 2021, and can be pre-ordered from 27th August 2021.

The Royal Mail commissioned 7 of the 8 pieces of artwork, so Mick is unable to sell prints of these 7 pieces. However the Challenger 2 is owned by Mick so is available to purchase in our online shop. The Challenger 2 artwork is titled The Rattlesnake and is available in a limited print run of 75, and currently at the point of writing this, the framed original artwork is still available.

Mick and all of his collectors are overjoyed that the Royal Mail choose him for this opportunity.

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