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Mick is an ex-crewman with happy memories of his experience within the 4th Royal Tank Regiment, and enjoys bringing those memories to life in his artwork.

Mick joined the regiment in 1979, young and clueless, and continued his service until 1993. He can recall the first time he drove a tank, and the first trigger he pulled on his B3 gunners course. He still finds it funny to this day that he had a tank licence before he could drive a car. He hopes his artwork brings back similar memories for you, like the smell of the diesel and cordite, the sound of the 120mm firing and sight of the round hitting the target. 

Mick is self taught and has developed various techniques over the years. Mick has one of his original pieces from 1980 next to his art desk, although it is cherished, it's not for sale as his artwork has improved in quality and detail since then. You may have seen Mick's artwork in Army-themed art exhibitions, in regimental messes, on the cover of a published book, or in many art-collectors homes.

Most of Mick's original artwork is created using acrylic paints on gessoed MDF boards, but Mick has also been known to use Gouache or Oil paints for some of his pieces. Mick uses an excellent local printing company, who reproduces prints of the original artwork on high quality 300gsm smooth cotton paper. Mick reviews every print individually and hand finishes each piece with your personalised touches. Prints are posted unframed so you can choose a frame to suit your home or workplace. If you're from North-East England, Mick can recommend a local framing company to assist you. 


The original artwork is also available to purchase, however as some have already sold, please enquire to find out which are still available. Most of Mick's originals retail for £2,500+, however some smaller pieces are available from £700+. Originals are framed using a very high quality frame, and Mick personally hand delivers these (UK Mainland only. Should you wish to purchase an original outside UK mainland, you will be responsible for all courier related and export costs.)

Commissions are available, and Mick has created many original commissions in the past for various regiments, including most recently The King's Royal Hussars. Please enquire to discuss commissions with Mick directly. 


Mick is very enthusiastic about creating new artwork, based on his own experiences. He has numerous ideas for future pieces to diversify his collection; including featuring various tanks, in realistic settings with a range of both modern and historic vehicles. He listens to his collectors suggestions, and creates pieces based on popular demand. You can expect to see new artwork from Mick regularly, and will always ensure his website and social media pages contain his most recent pieces. 

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