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Sappers leading the way

Sappers leading the way

Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers (AVRE), also known as Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers, is the title given to a series of armoured military engineering vehicles operated by the Royal Engineers (RE) for the purpose of protecting engineers during frontline battlefield operations. Centurion Mk 5 AVRE. Armed with a short barrelled L9A1 165 mm demolition gun, it entered service in 1963, replacing the Churchill AVRE. The vehicle was later renamed AVRE 165 relating to its primary armament.The armament was capable of firing a 60 lb (29 kg) high-explosive squash head (HESH) round.The vehicle front added a dozer blade to the front, and frequently towed the Giant Viper for mine clearance or other trailers for stores. Large turret bins provided stowage.


Print size approx. 22" x 11" (56cm x 28cm)

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