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Leoparden auf der Jagd

Leoparden auf der Jagd

Leoparden auf der Jagd (Leopards on the hunt)

Leopard 2A4's on training exercise A popular Tank in service with many countries I can add personal touches to you print including panzer, battalion numbers, iron cross and any other tank markings.


There are 4 versions of this print available, to suit various nations. The German Leopard is pictured on this site with the iron cross, however this can be removed for other nations. Once ordered, Mick will contact you to discuss these details. If you want to speak to Mick about this prior to ordering you can do so via our Contact page.


Print size approx. 34" x 11" (86cm x 28cm)

                                    51" x 17" (130cm x 43cm)

                                    72" x 24" (183cm x 61cm) Original Size


Hand finished personalisation included within the list price.


    We accept credit & debit card payments:

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