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Bombing Up - Cavalry

Bombing Up - Cavalry

Chieftain Mk 9’s Annual Firing on Hohne Ranges Germany, mid 80’s, best time of the year for the Instructors, Gunners, Commanders and Loaders! Not so much for the Drivers who ammo bashed and “Stagged on” mostly - until the Battle Runs started! 

The waggons were emaculate and freshly painted inside and out, with the new addition of I.F.C.S (Improved Fire Control System) Hi Tech in it’s day!

Hearing those words “Action” load DST/Hesh! That’s when the adrenaline really kicked in!


Limited edition of 50

Print size approx. 50" x 17" (127cm x 43cm) Original Size, One Size Only. 

Hand finished personalisation included within the list price.


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