About Me

I Joined up 1979 as a young clueless tank driver, which was fun at the time, but not really my thing.

I can recall the first time I pulled the trigger on my B3 gunners course, The noise, smoke, platform rock ect and I was hooked,

and destined to be in the turret and loved it

We all have many happy memories, like trundling across the Swinderbeck at night or hiding up in the woods and its lashing down whilst doing another pack lift! Then you’re on stag!

So many memories that would bring a wry smile and a laugh these days, not so much back then!

But as we get older and more nostalgic about the “best job we ever had” It’s those moments I try and capture in my artwork

It's only been a couple of years since I was encouraged by our Marian to get my paint brushes wet again, so it's still early days 

Here are a few pictures of past times